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Hello, You Beautiful Individual!

Casual Babble Morning Show DEBUT!

This is a moment that I didn't think would come so soon. In the past year, I've been working to master the art of constitution in my content creation so that I could truly earn the kind of community engagement that I sought. To really draw in and connect with all of the young professionals and entrepreneurs who want to engage and cultivate a conversation about the professional world and one can navigate it.

Despite that, In the past few months, an idea dawned on me that I didn't think would come to fruition before I had really figured out the current status of my life. And it is.

One of my greatest desires and career aspirations coming out of college was to join and be a part of a reputable morning show. An aspiration that seemed to be dashed upon realizing that no one in the radio world seemed to be at all interested in me as the asset I am. So, since I embarked on this podcasting journey, I had hoped that one day I'd be able to turn my podcast into my OWN morning show. Now I HAVE!

In the past few nights, I realized that I was already able to visually stream my show, but I needed an avenue to stream the audio as many people prefer to enjoy their podcasts on the road where they can't watch a video. So, after some perusing, I found Podbean (not sponsored). They allow for that audio streaming that I need in order to make sure that my show would be available to as much of my audience as possible.

If you missed it, check out my first live episode NOW!

Be sure to catch "Casual Babble" LIVE, every weekday morning on YouTube and Podbean!

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