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Creating My FIRST ASMR Video

I gotta say, I was incredibly nervous before I started planning the topic for my first ASMR video for my YouTube channel.

I've been a fan of ASMR for a couple of years and, like many of us who are sensitive to tingles, I've experienced ASMR for most of my life. A lot of it was during any routine doctor's visit for a check-up. But I also noticed the sensation during school hours.

Whenever, I'd hand in a paper or an essay to a teacher I would watch as they visually analyzed my work. There knowing that something that I had put together was getting strong analytical attention always triggered ASMR for me. Even more so if the teacher would have a pen and would use them to mark where they were in the essay or the assignment that I handed them. If they marked on the paper for anything like to indicate a needed correction, I'd feel it even more so.

Now I did know that unlike many amazing ASMR content creators like Goodnight Moon, Tingting ASMR, or FredsVoice ASMR, I did not have the props necessary to put together an entire scene for an ASMR video. But I did have something that I had never seen on a video, venetian festival masks!!

I am a HUGE lover of the Venice festivals and I am still awaiting the day when I can go and enjoy one. In the meantime, I have been collecting ones that I've found on sale at different stores. I currently have around a dozen and I decided that for my first ever ASMR video, I'd be showing them off for my current and (hopefully) new audience members.

The last question I had to answer was what kind of voice was I going to go with?? Some ASMRtists use a quiet and low vocal-fry while others use full whispers to voice their videos or podcasts.

Truth is...I recorded the video first with a quieted vocal-fry but listening to it play back....I HATED IT!! So I had to re-record the whole thing. But I believe the end result is perfect! You be the judge.

Check out my VERY FIRST ASMR video below!!

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