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Hello, You Beautiful Individual!

Oh, What A Ride It Has Been!

Hello You Beautiful Individual...I'm back!

It's been a while since my fingers were working away on this keyboard. Far too long in fact.

I suppose the biggest question you may have is...Where the hell have I been? Well...Let me tell you.

If you've been following me for a while then you'll be aware that I, unfortunately, lost my position with a marketing company in Charlotte back in August of 2022.

Now while getting fired would usually fill one with dread, I must admit that there isn't one of my 200 needy, whiny clients that I, at all, miss. Especially, Dennis...Wow...I hate(d) Dennis. It's incredibly tough to take on a book of business filled willed with clients who went underattended prior to falling under my purview. Not to mention inheriting clients that don't have the capacity to listen to and accept reasonable expectations...I'm better off. PLUS, I much prefer to be the one to establish the client relationship in the first place.

ANYWAY...It was pretty easy for me to move on from that. I'd be lying if I said that I lost even a minute amount of sleep over the issue. The sudden change of no longer having to travel to work every morning did open me up to an experimental opportunity that I have always wanted to try...Turning Casual Babble into a Morning Show!

Getting to engage with my audience via both YouTube and Podbean 3 days a week was an incredibly exciting experience.

While this was fun, I eventually did land a new job. One that has been a whirlwind since day one, to say the least. I've been holding my official announcement of the job whilst I am still in a trial period. Fingers crossed that all goes well. You can expect an official announcement post on my LinkedIn within the next few weeks.

Additionally, I continued to brainstorm with friends and colleagues to plan exciting things that I have in store for you in 2023. Keep your ear to the ground on my platforms so you can get the news as early as possible.

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