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The World of Hospitality: A Broadcaster's Recount: The Survival

You didn't think I'd leave you too long in the dark without letting you know how exactly I managed to survive this long in an industry that I can sternly say I am not innately meant for.

Now, allow me to preemptively counter a probable argument in the comments.

"Shouldn't you be thankful that your friend got you a job at all?"

Yes! And that, I am.

That being said, that doesn't change the fact that when you introduce a specimen of a particular attitude into a new environment, you are likely to get an interesting mix of interactions.

Learning the job of Concierge wasn't too hard. Primarily assist the residents with their needs whether it was a package retrieval to an amenity reservation or printing off a document.

Somehow in preparing and learning the essential skills of the role of concierge, I failed to remind myself that I was working in a Luxury apartment complex in Uptown Charlotte, NC. You know....where boujee people live. And it would be the boujee that would test me.

When I say, I've met some of the most entitled, rude, ambitious beyond humanly compassionate, mommy and daddy have always bought me stuff, "I've never been told 'No'.", "policies that I'm legally bound to don't apply to me" people in the world....I mean it.

That being said that there are plenty of very nice people that I've met there. But it pains me to say the entitled create moments that stick out. But thankfully, these days we have plenty of ways to express ourselves by placing our emotions and life comments on platforms that instantly share those messages with potentially thousands or millions of people.....Social Media. In my particular case, I found it best and most exciting to use TikTok as my means of commentating.

This in particular is but one of countless times where I've noticed the sheer level of UPID-STAY displayed by not only the individuals that live in the complex that I work at but also the delivery people who swing by drop off some form of shipment.

Aside from individuals simply not remember to include their common sense in their wallets, it is also not uncommon for someone in my position to have deal with individuals who have their heads so far up their own asses that they believe themselves to be above the very policies that they contractually obligated themselves to abide by.

Sometimes particularly uppity residents decide to take a personal issue with me because I chose to DO MY JOB and remind them that we have certain policies in place due to a global PANDEMIC that need to be enforced for the safety of all residents. Its unfortunate that some people are so used to not hearing the work "No" that they can't appreciate someone looking out for their interest. Regardless, I make sure to let my followers know that some shenanigans are not appreciated.

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