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What if After Everything, You Were Offered Your Dream Career?

If you've been with me for a while, then you know that I found my love for broadcast radio during my last couple of years in college. I was a pretty wayward kid for most of my time there but when I found the passion, I went for it hardcore!

Many of you have heard the spiel, I worked at iHearMedia Charlotte for 3 years and, after realizing they had nothing to offer me, I left the company. I've also, on several accounts, talked about my experience as an intern for KISS Mornings with Maney, Roy, and LauRen (Now called "The MRL Morning Show").

The point to reiterating this is that after some news that I heard involving both companies recently, I had this sudden question of: What If, After Everything, You Were Offered Your Dream Career?

You see, during their morning segment on July 13th, I heard the morning show introduce the "latest" addition to the KISS 95.1 line-up......the Ace & TJ Morning Show!! Now I knew Ace & Tj as they were one of the head morning shows for iHeartMedia Charlotte during my time there. However, they used to be part of the 95.1 lineup back in the day before making their way over to iHeart. On top of this, I learned that Roy was also leaving the show! Something I DID NOT see happening any time soon. Roy's fiancé apparently got a great job offer in Cincinnati, if I'm not mistaking, and Roy will be following him there.

Hearing this, I couldn't help but think..."Wow, if only I had tried to hold on to my recent part-time job with Beasley a little longer, maybe I'd be in a good spot to get the radio job I'd been dreaming of for years." Then, I thought, "What if they were to reach out to me and ACTUALLY offer me a job there?!"

I feel like I'd find myself in a dilemma of not knowing what to do.

On one hand, I'm finally working with a company that not only feels but constantly shows me how I'm going to be able to advance myself and I told myself a long time ago that I was done waiting for the radio world to choose me.

On the other hand, the close friend of mine that I graduated with have all gotten their radio experience, save me. I'm the only one who was never given a chance to make my mark in radio, and that's not due to a lack of networking or constantly working to better myself. I learned a while ago that radio professionals ten to have a steeple that is only able (willing) to house certain people.

All in all, a very difficult choice indeed.

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