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Hospitality in Uptown | How I Got Fired

Well, I feel as though it's been plenty of months since happened and I am finally ready to share the "How to..." of getting fired as a concierge from an upscale "hive-style" apartment complex in the queen city. Actually, it's been a whole year at this point. So, again...why not?

If you've had the patience to stay tuned to my not-so-consistent writing style then you may recall that I happened upon my concierge job because I let my very good friend Jasmine Riana know that I was on the verge of resigning my contact with the Devil (iHeartMedia job that I left). And she said, "Hell NO!". Thus I was connected to her uptown team.

So....before I get into the specifics, I have already accepted my responsibility for my termination but I have things I'd like to air out.

Let us begin...

Now, I often worked the night shift which was from 3pm to 11pm. Usually, no one needed my assistance by the time 9:30 rolled around so I was often just on my phone. Most of the time on TikTok, other times balancing TikTok with Grindr, Sniffies, and other nefarious apps. As I had only recently entered by #hoephase and was again working in Charlotte after a year away from the City, I decided that it couldn't hurt to set up some fun for when I was off.

I mean...Who would think that was an issue? Anyway, as we know, not everyone likes to use their face pic or really any pictures on one such app. Anonymity is quite the commodity in these worlds. As a result, I didn't realize that some of the individuals that I was speaking with over chat happened to be RESIDENTS of the building I was working at.

Now OBVIOUSLY the responsible choice after this revelation would be to STOP having these convos...But I didn't make that decision. Before you jump the gun, NO, I never met up with anyone and, NO, no plans to meet up with anyone from said conversations was ever set.

This went on for only a few weeks while on the job.

You may have caught that I mentioned that I was under no legal contact to maintain professional relations. How did I know this? Well...truth be told, I had no idea at first. You see, I didn't become aware of this contractual "lack of agreement" until early February, a couple of weeks after my last naughty conversation with anyone on an app.

My boss had some tendencies to be wishy-washy about getting certain things done. Probably not the best quality to have when you are the property manager. But, hey, I didn't choose her. Anyway, in early February, I get notified that certain documents hadn't been provided to me to take care of during my initial onboarding process...which, by the way, was the previous July.

In either case, my boss handed me a random sheet of paper and in reading, I noticed it said "Professionality Agreement"...or at least something to that effect. Regardless of the title, it was a document that legally adhered me to maintain professional relations with co-workers and the residents within the building. I thought this was quite peculiar but I said nothing. However, I did take it as a sign to make sure I didn't fall back into that NSFW chat habit.

From that point, I remained well-behaved. Then on March 24, what started off a really nice gay ended quite abruptly when I was switching out with the next concierge. I was asked to enter the office and I was provided my termination in less than a minute. Their citing was that I used too much social media during my downtime. A reason that I won't even dignify with details as it's quite ridiculous. But their main reason was that they about my previous conversations with residential individuals about NSFW topics. This surprised me though as I had not had such a conversation with anyone in almost 2 months. And it had ONLY been a month since I was FINALLY asked to sign that professionality document. This has never added up to me. And I still think about whether or not I should bring it to someone's attention as the legality of my termination doesn't seem sound.

How could I be fired for breaking a rule when the action in question occurred before legal adherence to the rule and there would make said action irrelevant? Perhaps someone at #LincolnPropertyCompany could provide me with an answer. After all, considering how much money I lost out on, I wonder if I could file for damages. Whilst I can admit to my behavior. It is not my fault that my supervisor waited until 7 MONTHS post my hiring to finally have me sign a document that would actually make the true reasoning behind my termination even relevant.

Your move #ElementUptown.

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