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The World of Hospitality: A Broadcaster's Recount: The Entry

As much as we'd like to say that the world isn't so....Not everyone who works hard and succeeds in earning their Broadcasting Degree, or perhaps Digital Media Production, Mass Media Communication or a degree in the like, instantaneously finds themselves in a dream job as soon as they make their way out of the classroom and into the professional world where "adulting" unfortunately has to become the daily constant among all young professionals.

I acknowledge that I too am no stranger to an ambitious career dream being derailed and having to find other financially supportive activities to abate my monthly bills and whatnot as I try to restructure my desired profession.

To briskly skip the last 4 exhausting years I'll be quick about my other jobs leading to my current non-vacation.

Upon graduating Appalachian State University in 2016 with a brand new "straight off the printer" Bachelor's Degree, I found myself as of yet , being offered an actually job opportunity to work in broadcast radio. However, after a summer of being an apprentice to a lead engineer, I was able to secure a spot as a part-time traffic anchor and producer. To sum up those 3, at best lackluster, years with iHeartMedia in Charlotte, NC...

Needless to say, you'll not be seeing 2016 -2019 on a list of my favorite years. After leaving the non-progressive media giant, I was able to quickly secure a job working for my first ever non-profit, Purple Heart Homes, and while I found their need for my digital and social platform skills a VERY nice change of pace from the non-existent call for digital skills that I experienced with iHeart, ultimately, I did find that my time with PHH was in need of coming to a close so I left them in April of 2020, having started work with them only on August 1st of 2019.

After a brief stint of trying and failing to start up my own eCommerce platforms, a 2-week run with Chilis in Mooresville, NC and another 2-week run with Pier1 Imports in Huntersville, NC. I found myself completely lost and to an emotional low that left me so desperate for something decent again that I actually considered reaching back out to iHeartMedia and my former crappy boss, and asking if there was any kind of job that I could have back. After all, since that 30% layoff that iHeartMedia did in early 2020, I figured they could use the help.

Thankfully, I have a tendency to run my, otherwise not very inspired, ideas passed by fondest friends. Namely a friend by the name of Jasmine who had left iHeartMedia almost a year prior to my own leave.

When she heard of how desperate I was to find a decent job after my recent nomadic behavior, she decided to swiftly and fervently shut that shit down.

Thankfully, this quick thinking woman was aware of her own employers need to fill a position that Jasmine herself would be able help the chosen candidate handle the reins of. She quickly got me an interview with her boss who was happy to offer me a position only a day or so after the fact. Thus, my entry into the world of Hospitality.

How has this broadcaster been able to fair in this very alien industry? Perhaps you may find out when I release the next part of this epic saga.

Sincerely Yours,

BC Babbles

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